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Star Wars, The Musical
by Kevin Bayuk,  Garrin Hajeian, John Zuckerman

Scene 1

        After a large explosion, PRINCESS LEIA is seen recording a message
        with R2D2.  LEIA runs off, and R2D2 addresses the audience.

R2D2: Under attack...but it could be worse.
They want them back <diskette in hand>
But I'll escape first.
Oh, time is racing, wasting,
here's my last chance of escaping...
The pod over there will take to the air,
in one big explosion and burst.
The planet down there,
is called Tatooine.
I must take care -
I mustn't be seen.
General Kenobi will take me to Alderaan.
Yes, 'cause I've got the plans!

        C3PO rushes on-stage

C3PO: We are caught in a tractor beam!
I'm afraid it seems,
it looks like they mean
to cut the reactor!
We have lost the day!
We can't get away!
Oh, yes it seems so unfair!
We'll be smashed to bits,
little, little bits,
as if in a compactor!
Hey, what are you doing?
You can't go in there!
Artoo, what are you doing there?
Don't you even care?
Hey, don't go in there, it's restricted!
That we should avoid!
That is not for droids!
What is this?  We don't have a chance!
Artoo, this is madness!

R2D2: But now that we have this
pod here, we must save the plans!

        (C3PO and R2D2 sing together)

C3PO: Artoo, there's something wrong with you,
got some circuits loose;
trapped in your delusions of grandeur!
They'll be coming soon!
Seems that we are doomed!
Yes, the danger looms everywhere!
And yet you speak of plans.
Yes, you must be mad!
I think I can add to that: And you're
a near-sighted scrap pile!
We can't go in there!
Now, of what mission do you speak?
What's on Tatoonie?
Tell me, Why do you seek this Kenobi?
That we should avoid!
That is not for droids!
What is this, we don't have a chance!
Artoo, forget this!
I know I'll regret this!
Yes 'cause we've got the...

R2D2: Under attack...but it could be worse.
They want them back,
but we'll escape first!
Oh, time is racing, wasting,
here's our last chance of escaping...
the pod over there, will take to the air,
in one big explosion and burst!
The planet down there
is called Tatooine.
We must take care -
we mustn't be seen.
General Kenobi will take me to Alderaan,
Yes 'cause we've got the...

C3PO: (spoken) Now you've got us in a jam!

BOTH: Yes, 'cause we've got the...

C3PO: (spoken) Do you even know how this thing lands?

BOTH: Yes, 'cause we've got the...

C3PO: (spoken) I'll get my circuits full of sand!

BOTH: Yes, 'cause we've got the plans!

        They exit off-stage together and leave an escape pod behind.
        Another explosion.  Rebel soldiers rush on-stage, ready for a battle.
        DARTH VADER and stormtroopers enter.  Some Rebels and CAPTAIN ANTILLES
        are killed.  The rest retreat.  Two stormtroopers bring in a prisoner,

VADER: Princess, so glad to meet you...
You will tell me where those plans are.
I don't want to play games -
it's no mercy mission!

LEIA: I don't know what you speak of!
I am a member of the Senate...
We are on a mission of diplomacy.

VADER: You will rue this day, my dear!
I know you are a member of
the Rebel Alliance, and a traitor!
Take her away!
Take her away to the Death Star!

        An Imperial officer addresses VADER.

OFFICER: Lord Vader, an escape pod was
jettisoned during the attack,
but no life-forms were aboard.

VADER: She must have hidden the plans inside!
Tatooine!  Down to Tatooine!
There'll be no one to stop us now!

Scene 2
        OWEN and BERU LARS prepare for another day's work on their Tatooine
        moisture farm.  BERU goes to wake their nephew, LUKE SKYWALKER.

AUNT BERU: Luke, out of bed!  Breakfast is cold!

UNCLE OWEN: Let's get to work while the sun is still low!

LUKE: (entering) Alright, I'm here.  Ready to go.
Look, Uncle Owen...

UNCLE OWEN: Don't talk Luke, I know.
I know that you dream of the Academy...

LUKE: Biggs already left!

UNCLE OWEN: Luke, listen to me!
Stay here on the farm.  Stay on Tatooine
just another season.  Then you can be free.
See the other star systems if you want...

LUKE: Oh no, not another year upon this rock!

UNCLE OWEN: Here we're so far from the Empire.  We are free from oppression...

LUKE: (spoken) If there's a bright center of the universe we're on the planet
that it's farthest from!  (He exits)

AUNT BERU: We can't keep him here.  Forever on the farm.
He's just like his father, stares the night at stars.

UNCLE OWEN: That is what I fear.  He could be the same...
I don't want to see him killed on some crusade.

        They sing together.

AUNT BERU: We cannot escape the future.
He will go off much too soon.
Owen, we must let him go.
There is nothing we can do.

UNCLE OWEN: I will make him stay a season.
Maybe I can make it two.
I can't have him leaving now,
there is so much work to do!

        They exit.  Luke enters and stares at Tatooine's twin suns.

LUKE:  I'm dug in so deep here.
I know I can't leave here.
I'll never be more than just a farmer.
There's so much more out there;
There's nothing but doubt here.
I turn to the stars and feel my destiny.
For if I was free, Oh what I could be!
There is so much out there for me...

Scene 3

        A group of Jawas is on stage, preparing to sell R2D2 and C3PO to UNCLE
        OWEN, AUNT BERU, and LUKE.

R2D2: We droids were taken by Jawas and chained and sold.
Where we were bought by a farmer named Owen Lars.

C3PO: My name, sir, is C3PO.
Trained in etiquette and protocol.
It might interest you that I know
six million languages.
You think you have no need for me?
My middle name's versatility.
I'm a droid of great ability, Yes I am.

AUNT BERU: Owen, if you buy a translator
be sure that it speaks Bocce.
For we need a droid to talk to water vaporators.

UNCLE OWEN: C3PO, do you speak Bocce?

C3PO: It's like a second language...

UNCLE OWEN: OK!  I will take the gold one
since he's a translator.
(to Luke) Clean these droids up before dinner.

LUKE: This one's got a bad motivator!

C3PO: What about the blue one over there?
He's in prime condition.
(spoken) A real bargain.

UNCLE OWEN: OK, I will take the blue one.
Luke, you take them home and clean them.

LUKE: But I'm going to Tosche station

UNCLE OWEN: (spoken) You can waste time with your friends later.

        All exit, except for LUKE and the DROIDS.

R2D2: Luke was driving home when he saw Bantha
tracks across the desert, little did he know
sandpeople were there waiting for him.
Luke got out to take a look...

LUKE: (Looking through macrobinoculars) All I can see are just some Banthas...
Wait a minute, I see one now...

R2D2: Three were right behind him!


R2D2: Luke was out and I was hiding,
C3PO lay in pieces.  The sandpeople
searched his speeder, looking for a profit.

        OBI-WAN <BEN> KENOBI enters.

R2D2: Then there came a wand'ring stranger
walking towards them, 'cross the desert.
They did not know what it was
because they hardly saw it.
Letting out a dragon's call...
Obi-wan had scared them all!

BEN: Luke, you are hurt, let's get inside.
They will be back, we've not much time.

LUKE: Ben Kenobi, is it really you?
Can't believe it's true, can it really be you?

R2D2: Obi-wan, can it really be you?
Can't believe it's true, can it really be you?
Is it really you?

Scene 4

        The Death Star.  Stormtroopers march on-stage, led by GRAND MOFF TARKIN
        and VADER.

TARKIN: Its overwhelming huge dimensions,
it's armor plated on all sides.
It can crush entire planets.
It's really neat, it even flies!

VADER: You'll see it coming!  Expect cremation!
From afar you'll see it!

TARKIN: It's a space station!  It's a space station!
Soon you'll see it, can't you feel it?  It's coming!

STORMTROOPERS: Space station!

VADER: You'll pray for mercy, you know the answer,
It's coming, It's coming!

ALL: It's a space station!

TARKIN: I get my kicks from killing people,
I love to see their bodies fry.
I built the Death Star by myself;
it's invincible, I'll never die!

VADER: You're being foolish.
It's a mere creation.
It's inconsequential!
It's just a space station!

TARKIN: It's my space station!
No you're wrong!  They'll never touch us!
They'll cower!

STORMTROOPERS: Space station!

VADER: Soon you'll see, the Force is strong!
It's power!

STORMTROOPERS: Space station!

TARKIN: I am the might...

Scene 5

        BEN, LUKE, R2D2, and C3PO are inside Ben's home.

BEN: Luke, its been so long, my look how you have grown, you remind me of your

LUKE: Obi-wan, what do you mean?  I was told that he had been
a pilot on a freighter.

BEN: We had fought side-by-side.  I was there when he died.

LUKE: (spoken) Wait!  You know how my father died?

        R2D2 signals and turns on "the message."  LEIA sings.

LEIA: I greet you, General Kenobi.
You served my father years ago.
Now it is our time of need.
This is our most desparate hour.
Now my ship has been attacked,
and I am sure to be captured.
You must help me, Obi-wan, for you are my only hope.
And now I send to you this droid...

LUKE: Who is she?  She's beautiful...

LEIA: It carries plans of great importance...

BEN: And so the day has finally come...

LEIA: Please bring it to Alderaan...

BEN: I must take Luke along.

LEIA: Oh, please help me Obi-wan.

BEN: (spoken) That was Princess Leia Organna of Alderaan.

LUKE: (spoken) Ben...tell me about my father.

        BEN goes to a box and retrieves Luke's lightsaber.

BEN: Luke, this was your father's.
T'was his lightsaber.
Now it is yours, now it is yours.
I've much to tell you;
ways of the Jedi, and the ways of the Force -
and the ways of the Force.
It gives a Jedi his power.
It flows through you and through me.
It holds the universe together
with its boundless energy.
But beware of the dark side, just trust in me.
For you have this power, as did your father.
He was a friend and a powerful Jedi.
You must control the force, or be controlled.
Don't fall to the Dark Side.  Don't fall to the Dark Side.
That is how your father died.
He was murdered and betrayed.
Your uncle hid the truth, lest you follow me
on some damn fool crusade.
But it is time you knew the truth -
know of the way!
Your father died at the hands of
a dark Jedi named Darth Vader!
A former pupil of mine who fell to the Dark Side.
Now we must stop him.
You must come with me to Alderaan.
I must face him once again.
You must learn.
Learn the ways of the Force!

LUKE: Ben, I can't go on now!
I've got too much to do!
I've got to stay and work the harvest season.
I'd leave, but don't know how...
My family needs me, too.
My uncle wants me here - he has his reasons.
These droids, they are wanted by the Empire,
and by now they may have traced them...
(spoken) Home!

BEN: (spoken) Wait, Luke!  It's too dangerous!

Scene 6

        Luke races home to find it destroyed.  OWEN and BERU are dead.

LUKE: I can't believe it's true.
Not Uncle, not Beru.
This place is the only home that I've known.
I live but yet they die.
No sense, no reason why...
They're gone, my home is lost, and I am alone.
Helpless...As my past dies,
as my heart cries.
I should have been there with them.
But the living must move on; start again.

        LUKE goes to shut the eyes of OWEN and BERU.

Rest, sleep now forever.
Rest, our bond won't sever.
Death can take you away,
but not your memory.
I never did speak of
my gratiture and love.
I kept all my feelings locked up in here, inside.
I won't forget you...Goodbye.
There is nothing left for me,
but to follow destiny!
I turn to the stars and I move onward!

        LUKE leaves and comes to BEN, R2D2, and C3PO.

LUKE: I'll follow, Obi-wan!  I'll go to Alderan!
I'll learn of the Force, just like my father.

BEN: Onward to Mos Eisley!
I'm sure that there will be
a pilot to take us to Alderaan afar.
A new hope is ours...

LUKE: It's my destiny...

ALL: Our path lies among the stars!

Scene 7

BEN: (spoken off-stage) Mos Eisley spaceport.  You'll never find a more
wretched hive of scum and villainy.

        Lights come up as a wild array of aliens dance and move the set into
        place.  The bartender, WUHER, addresses the audience.

WUHER: Spaceport - little cantina.
Don't look like much, but there's no place meaner.
The creme de la creme of the smugglers, bounty hunters, and vile gangsters.
Watch out!  Here in Mos Eisley,
we play for keeps, and we don't play nicely.
Convicts - don't think I could list 'em.
They drop in, and move on to another system.
Like Kessel, or Corelia, or Tanaab, or - or this place!

CHORUS: Here in Mos Eisley, you don't ask no questions.
One wrong move and then you're history.
A blaster at your side's your one protection.
Get what you wan't but it don't come for free.
Here in this hive of scum and villainy.

WUHER: This port's safe as any other,
but your hand better be on your blaster, Brother.

MALE CHORUS: If you will it, there's a way.  If you want it, I can get it -
just as long as you pay, we'll be willing to forget it.

WUHER: (to Luke) No droids!  We don't serve their kind here.  They'll have to
wait outside.

FEMALE CHORUS: Hey there, handsome - think tonight, you'll be looking for

BEN: Wait here.  I'll go find a pilot.  Watch yourself, this place can get

LUKE: I'll be alright.  I'm ready for anything.

CHORUS: Here in Mos Eisley there's no rules to play by.
Keep to yourself, and we will let you be.
Here in Mos Eisley every word is a lie -
Can't be too careful with your company.
Not much between you and mortality.


WUHER: Hard times, always good for business.
In a conflict like this, it's hard to find a witness.
I've seen so much of it, it's hard to believe anyone's above it.
I won't see you guys crying, until it's you that's out there dying.
So shut your mouth and look the other way.
You're just another Imperial slave.
But take another drink; it ain't my business.
Maybe tomorrow things will be different.

CHORUS: Here in Mos Eisley you don't ask no questions.
One wrong move and then you're history.
A blaster at your side's your one protection.
Get what you want but it don't come for free.
Here in this hive of scum and villainy.
Here in Mos Eisley there's no rules to play by.
Keep to yourself and we will let you be.
Here in Mos Eisley every word is a lie.
Can't be too careful with your company.
Not much between you and mortality.

        CHEWBACCA, the wookie co-pilot of HAN SOLO, takes BEN and LUKE to a
        table to discuss business.

BEN: (spoken) Chewbacca here is first mate on a ship that might suit us.

HAN: Hi, my name is Han, help you if I can.
Chewie says you want to go to Alderaan.

BEN: We would like to leave this evening,
but without any questions asked -
but we need to know one more thing...

LUKE: Would you say your ship is fast?

HAN: (spoken) A fast ship?  A fast ship?
Why this ship is automatic!
It's systematic!  It's hypermatic!
Why, it's the Millenium Falcon!
It's got repulsolifters and four turret guns, oh yeah!

BEN & LUKE: Keep talkin', whoa, keep talkin'.

HAN: Reverse power couplings and its own game board, oh yeah!

BEN & LUKE: How much money?  Whoa, how much money?

HAN: Hidden cargo in the floor, you should see this baby soar.
It's custom to a fit, its been modified a bit...
Millenium Falcon!

CHORUS: Go!  Go!  Go!  Go!  Go!

HAN: Go Millenium Falcon, you're burnin' up hyperspace!

CHORUS: Go Solo!  Go Han Solo!

HAN: Go Millenium Falcon, you're coastin' through the Kessel race!

CHORUS: Millenium Falcon!  Go!  Go!  Falcon!

HAN: This ship's supreme!  It's like a dream!
Millenium Falcon!

CHORUS: Go!  Go!  Go!  Go!

HAN: She flew the Kessel run in twelve parsecs, Oh yeah!
I won her from Lando in a sabaac game, Oh yeah!
Through the galaxy she zips - I've outrun Imperial ships!
Go out the back door, she's docked in 94!
Millenium Falcon!

        BEN & LUKE agree on the ship and exit out the back door.

CHORUS: Go!  Go!  Go!  Go!

HAN: Go Millenium Falcon, you're burning up hyperspace!

CHORUS: Go Solo!  Go Han Solo!

HAN: Go Millenium Falcon, you're coastin' through the Kessel race!

CHORUS: Millenium Falcon!  Go!  Go!  Falcon!


HAN: Hey now, Chewie - this money can save my butt!

CHORUS: Go Solo!  Go Han Solo!

HAN: We're gonna get enough to pay off Jabba the Hut!

CHORUS: Millenium Falcon!  Go!  Go!  Falcon!

HAN: We gotta go!  Go make some dough!
Millenium Falcon!

CHORUS: Falcon! Falcon! Falcon! Falcon!

        HAN and CHEWIE walk out.  HAN flips a coin to WUHER.

HAN: (spoken) Sorry about the mess.

CHORUS: Falcon!

Scene 8

        TARKIN and VADER are on the Death Star, overlooking the planet of

VADER: She resists the mind probe still...
I fear she will not betray them.
She is simply too strong willed...
Have we no more games to play then?

TARKIN: We've set course for Alderaan!
Now we are in operation!
We need no more probes or games...

        LEIA enters, brought by two stormtroopers.

LEIA: I shall never tell you where.

VADER: The princess!  The princess!
I'm so delighted you're here!
Look at your Alderaan.
It seems the end is near!

LEIA: Alderaan!  Alderaan!
How can you destroy a planet?
And such a peaceful one at that!
Oh Alderaan!  And we have no weapons!

VADER: This is your last chance to save your dear home!
Upon Alderaan, the last dawn now fades into endless night!
Look!  Alderaan...Lest you give us the Rebel base!

LEIA: Oh no!  What shall I say?

TARKIN: At last!

LEIA: My home or revolution?

TARKIN: Name for me a military target!

LEIA: Dantooine!  They're on Dantooine!  Please don't destroy my Alderaan!
Moff Tarkin!  Listen to me, I'll tell you!  But don't hurt Alderaan!  Don't
hurt them!  Dantooine!  They're on Dantooine!  But please don't hurt my

TARKIN: You are far too trusting!

LEIA: Dantooine!  They're on Dantooine!  Don't destroy my Alderaan!

VADER: She's lying!

LEIA: Darth Vader!

TARKIN: Yes she is!

LEIA: Alderaan!  Oh goodbye!

VADER: And so be it!

        The three sing together.

LEIA: Alderaan!  My friends, oh how I love you!  Good Alderaan, goodbye
Alderaan, goodbye, goodbye Alderaan!  Dearest Alderaan!  Oh Alderaan!  Goodbye!
Goodbye!  Alderaan!  Oh my friends!  My father!  Goodbye my Alderaan forever!
Alderaan!  Goodbye Alderaan!  Oh Alderaan!  Goodbye!  Goodbye!

TARKIN: Fire at will!  You may fire when ready!  Fire!  Fire!  Alderaan's
through!  See how the Death Star seals our rule!  Fire!  Fire!  You may fire
when ready!  Fire!  Fire when ready!  See how the Death Star seals my rule!

VADER: I know the power to destroy a planet's nothing!  The darkside of the
Force is more powerful!  Battle stations!  Can not compare!  The Dark Side!
The Dark Side!  That is where the power lies!  The Dark Side!  The Dark Side!
My evil, my power!  In the dark lies my strength and power!

TARKIN: Fire when ready!

LEIA: Oh no, my poor Alderaan!

TARKIN: Fire when ready!

LEIA: Oh no, my poor Alderaan!  Ah!  Oh, I cannot look!


        LEIA faints as Alderaan is blown into oblivion.

VADER: Destroyed!

        The souls of Alderaan sing in a jubilant chorus as they join with the

SOULS: Redeemed!

        OBI-WAN enters in front of the SOULS.

BEN: (spoken) I feel a great disturbance in the force.  As if millions of
voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

SOULS: The souls of Alderaan!  The sould of Alderaan!
Peace now and happiness unto all those who suffered!
The souls of Alderaan!  All to the light side!
Feel the power of the Force!

Scene 1

        Imperial stormtroopers enter amid streamers and confetti.

STORMTROOPERS: Tonight we got Alderaan!
We really blew them to hell!
Take off your armor, the party is on!
Damn, we blew them sky-high!
Ring the victory bell!
Tonight we got Alderaan.
Now the party is on.
Things are going so well!

TARKIN: Hey Vader, what's going on?

VADER: This battle station is strong.
We should all celebrate because the end is so near.

TARKIN: I tell you, Buddy, we did it!
There's nothing to fear!

VADER: Tonight we got Alderaan!
You can bet it's all gone.
It's just an asteroid field...

TARKIN: Just an asteroid field!

        HAN and the others are onboard the Falcon.

R2D2: Just an asteroid field, it's all blown away.
The Empire's Death Star made its debut today.
They celebrate, but somehow they'll pay!

BEN: Look!  There is a ship on the screen!

HAN: A ship!  Hey, what do you mean?

STORMTROOPERS: The Rebels can't do a thing!
Tonight we got Alderaan!  We're gonna party all night!
All our spirits are high 'cause we saw Rebels die!

HAN: That's a Tie-fighter, heading for that small moon.
Need not to worry, we'll shoot it down soon...

BEN: Wait, I don't think so, that isn't a moon.
I tell you, that's a station on screen!

HAN: A station what do you mean?

ALL ON FALCON: We're caught in a tractor beam!

HAN: Throw in the auxilliary power!

LUKE: Why can't we just turn around?

HAN: There's nothing that we can do!
Looks like it's time for a fight!

C3PO: Oh!  It seems we are doomed!

R2D2: We're getting closer, we can't get away.
We'll have to hide out in the cargo bay.
Han is a smuggler, he came through today!
And although we're caught in a tractor beam,
we'll hide and we won't be seen...

IMPERIAL OFFICER: Sir, there's a ship on the screen!

STORMTROOPERS: Is this the ship, could it be -
Which escaped our blockade?
Yes now have we got a rebel ship that is hot?
I can't wait to see!
Tonight I bet that you and I will kill Rebels!
We'll watch them scream and die!  In that we shall revel!
Take out your blaster.
Take it off stun!
We're gonna blow them away!
Just like Alderaan!

VADER: (spoken) I sense something...a presence I've not felt since...

TARKIN: (spoken) Send a scanning crew on board.  I want every part of this ship

        Two stormtroopers go on-board.

HAN: (spoken off-stage) Hey down there!  Can you give us a hand with this?

STORMTROOPERS: Tonight we got Alderaan!
We really blew it to hell!
But with this new ship, the party is done.
Things are going so well...

        Another officer in a control room is seen.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: (spoken) TK421!  Why aren't you at your post?

        The rebels enter, led by CHEWIE, who knocks the officer out.

BEN: Interface the main computer.
Put the floor plans on the screen.
I must now go on alone.
I must shut down the tractor beam.

R2D2: (at computer) Wait!  I think I found the princess!
She is to be killed tonight!
She's being held in the main cell block.

LUKE: We must save her...

BEN: You are right.
But young Luke you must be careful.
Complete the mission that we're on
or other systems will also meet the fate of Alderaan.
We must follow our own paths now.
There is something I must do.
I leave you to your destiny,
and may the Force be with you.

        BEN leaves.
Scene 2

        LEIA is alone in her cell.

LEIA: So now it seems I'm doomed to die,
and the Empire shall have its vic'try.
Into the hands of Palpatine
the star systems shall all fall swiftly.
There was a time when I was free.
The universe was calm and peaceful.
Now we are slaves, or so it seems...
And now my fight seems so wasteful.
There remains one final hope,
that lies with an ancient Jedi.
Without him there is no way.
Our hope rests upon the force.
Alderaan has been destroyed.
It seems there's nothing left to fight for.
The universe is just a void.
All I had was taken away.
And still I wish to fight again!
And remain strong, and die determined
to face any amount of pain,
and still not betray the Rebellion.
I'll die or see the universe
free from the Empire and the Emporer!
There's a new hope we shall be free!
Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi.

Scene 3

HAN: Tell me, why should I do this?
What's there in it for me?

LUKE: She's rich.  You'll be rewarded.
You will get your money.
You'll be paid very well for your service, I can guarantee.

HAN: Do you have a plan, then?
There'll be very tight security.

LUKE: Chewie - hand me those binders.

HAN: I think I see your plan.

LUKE: We'll go up to the cell block.
Say we're sent from command.

HAN: This just won't work!
We must be mad!

LUKE: Well, can you think of another plan?

        They enter call block A-23 and are face to face with an Imperial GUARD.

HAN: Prisoner transfer from the cell block below...

GUARD: I'll have to clear it with command.
Of this I wasn't told!

HAN: (aside) It's not working, Kid!

GUARD: It doesn't clear!  I'll have to ask your I.D....

        Han shoots the guard as CHEWBACCA breaks free and shoots the cameras.

HAN: Luke, go find the princess.
Soon we will have company!

LUKE: What cell is she in?

HAN: Cell 23, corridor 9
Come back quickly, we've not much time!
They won't be long!  Soon we will fight!
They'll send a squad...

        A voice is heard of the GUARD's P.A. system.

HAN: Luke, we're gonna have company!

        HAN goes to the microphone.

HAN: There is nothing wrong here,
but we have a large leak.
Give us some time to fix it.
Our weapons malfunctioned,
but it's under control.
Send no one, I insist it.

        LUKE enters LEIA's cell.

LUKE: My name is Luke Skywalker!
I'm here to rescue you!
I have your droid and have come here with Ben Kenobi...

        HAN and CHEWBACCA burst in.

HAN: Company's here!  Find a way out!
So this is what I've risked my life to save.

LUKE: Threepio says there's no way out!

LEIA: (to Han) Looks like you've cut off our only escape.

        HAN shoots a grating which leads to a garbage compactor.

HAN: (to Chewie) Get in the hole!  I don't care what you smell!

        CHEWBACCA dives into the hole.

HAN: (to LEIA) Don't you complain.  Perhaps you'd like it in your cell!

LEIA: This is some rescue!  We're just standing about!
This is a really fine mess!  You should have planned a way out!

HAN: Not a sound out of you!
Just get in there, your highness!
Get in there, your highness!

        LEIA jumps in the hole.

LUKE: There's no way out!  Can't hold them off!

HAN: Luke get down there or you'll get shot!

        LUKE jumps in the hole.

HAN: Wonderful girl!  Worth no reward!
Well here goes nothing -
Down there, look out!

        HAN dives in the hole.

Scene 4

        OBI-WAN turns the tractor beam off.

BEN: Now you are free to leave
my friends, but I'll not follow.
It is my destiny to sacrifice my life.

        VADER is on the opposite side of the stage.

VADER: Now my old master has returned,
and I must face him once again.
This is the moment for which I have yearned.
I shall not rest 'till he is slain.
I won't forget that day...

BEN: I had left him for dead...

VADER: When I was last defeated...

BEN: In a pit all aflame.

VADER: Annakin died that day...

BEN: He should have turned back then!

VADER: And now there is Vader!

BEN: In Luke's name, my task has just begun!
I will see it done!

VADER: I am Vader!

BEN: I will see it done!

VADER: I am Vader!

BEN: I will see it done!

        LUKE and the others are in the garbage compactor, center stage.

LUKE: (spoken) The walls are closing!

HAN: Hurry up!  Hurry up!
Try and brace it with this!

        CHEWBACCA raises his gun.

LEIA: It's magnetically sealed!  That would kill us for sure!

HAN: Try and get to the top!

LEIA: I am trying!  I can't!

LUKE: There must be a way out!

HAN: I can't get to the door!

LEIA: There is nothing to do!

        LUKE grabs his com-link.

LUKE: Is there anyone there?  Where can Threepio be?
Shut down all of the garbage mashers on this floor!

C3PO: I can hear your master Luke!
We are trying to shut them all down....

R2D2: On what floor should I shut them down?

C3PO: Shut them all down!

HAN: (spoken) Well, one thing's for sure.  We're all gonna be a lot thinner.

        The walls stop closing, and they exit, cheering.

C3PO: Poor master Luke!  He's dead for sure!
I was too slow!  I was too slow!

        CHEWBACCA's arm pulls the droid offstage.  R2D2 follows.

        TARKIN is alone in his "office."

TARKIN: Emergency alert in A-23.
The princess!  Yes she may be use to us still.
I'll let her go!  She'll surely go to the base.
We'll track her down; the homing beacon's in place aboard her ship.
Ah, Rebel base!  I have you now!

VADER: (entering) He's on this ship!  He is here now!
Obi-wan Kenobi is here.  My old master has returned.
I have waited for my vengeance, now the tables have been turned.
He must be here for the princess, and to face me one last time.
You may have the other Rebels, but Kenobi shall be mine.

TARKIN: Surely he must be dead, all the Jedi now are gone.

VADER: I have felt a tremor, and it must be Obi-wan!

TARKIN: If it is Obi-wan then he must not be allowed to escape.
Then we'll follow the other rebels to their base.
Yes, Vader, we'll let them go.
For I've conceived a plan.
We've attached a homing beacon
to the bottom of their ship.
When they reach their destination,
we will have them in our grip!

VADER: Very well.  Let them go.
I'll face Obi-wan alone.

        LUKE is alone on-stage.

LUKE: But where is Obi-wan?  He said he would return.
He's all that I have left; there's so much more to learn.
I feel something now - a terrible fright.
Danger looms ahead.  Something is not right.

Scene 5

        OBI-WAN and VADER are alone.  Their lightsabers are drawn.

VADER: Obi-wan, at last, I see we meet again.
But now, I am the master who shall reign.

BEN: Before you say another word, Vader!
You're just a master of evil, Darth!
Your time is up.  The dark side is untrue!
You leave a sacred oath defiled!
You broke your code and you broke your creed.
Listen to me!  The Empire's almost through!
I have returned, to face you again, one last time...

VADER: Your powers are weak, old man!
I've hunted you across the stars.
You must not underestimate the dark side of the Force.

        OBI-WAN and VADER sing in counterpoint.

VADER: You must not underestimate.
You must not under estimate.
No!  Foolish Obi-wan!
I cannot turn back now!
Such is the nature of the Force.
You're mine, Obi-wan!
Now the circle is complete.
Obi-wan is nothing now!
You know nothing of revenge
or the price you have to pay.
You know you can never win!
Every man must choose his way!
You know nothing of Vader!
I was born to see you fail.
I have lived to see this through.
Now it's time to run you through!

BEN: Believe me, Darth!  One last time!
There is nothing that you can do!
Strike me down if you must.
Yes, the Jedis will live on.
You know nothing of the Force.
You will sooner see me dead
before the Rebellion is done!
I am warning you, Vader.
If you strike me down I shall
be more powerful than you
could ever imagine!
I am warning you, Vader!
You may kill me if you dare.
It won't matter if I'm done.
I'll do what must be done!

        As VADER strikes, OBI-WAN disappears, becoming one with the Force.

He was my teacher and my Jedi master and now he is gone...
How can I learn all the ways of the Jedi without Obi-wan?
He killed my father, and killed Bed...
The Dark Side has won again...

        The spirit of OBI-WAN appears to LUKE, bathed in blue light.

BEN: Luke, I'm here.
You must not doubt the power of the Force.
Destiny took me on a different course.
Luke, I've gone and joined the light.
I've had to make my sacrifice.
Luke, don't fear.
I'll be at your side forever more.
I'll be here to teach and guide you as I did before.
Luke, your life has just begun.
You cannot rest until we've won;
'till you're done.
The Rebellion depends upon you now.
You'll save them from the Dark Side;
I will tell you how.
You must go now and leave this place.
Take the droids to the Rebel base.
I shall be there; they've not yet won.
Luke, now it's time to journey on.
I am here, I am here.
Run, Luke, run!

TARKIN: And so, Vader, we've seen the end.
We will crush the Rebellion!

VADER: They'll be gone.
Just like Obi-wan!

TARKIN: Just like Alderaan!

Scene 6

        Rebel pilots are gathered on the fourth moon of Yavin.  GENERAL JAN
        DODONNA addresses them.

PILOT: Say, have you heard that Obi-wan is dead?

PILOT: And did you hear that Alderaan is lost?

PILOT: General Dodonna,
what is our agenda?
Time is of the essence, Jan-
Come and tell us of our plan!

DODONNA: Gentlemen, you all know who these people are.
They are the Senators and generals who have come to our aid.
They have come to be with us in our hour of need.
It is time for war
now, and we must succeed.
The Rebellion must strike...
and the Empire must bleed!
Death - Yes, by now you've heard...
Star - That Obi-wan is gone.
Death - Their power is unreal!
Star - We fight for Alderaan!
The Death Star is near; there is no time to spare.
Its defenses are strong, but a small, one-man fighter may pass.

PILOT: What good's a snub fighter against something like that?

DODONNA: The Empire thinks that a snub's not a threat,
but Princess Leia's plans...may prove them wrong yet.


DODONNA: I say it can be done!


DODONNA: Their station has a flaw!


DODONNA: We'll fight until we've won.


DODONNA: A new Alliance for all!
We've found a small thermal exhaust post,
a path to the main reactor.
A direct hit could bring them down,
If it is a direct hit.
Fired with proton torpedoes...
The Empire will be on the ground!

ALL: Death - We know it can be done!
Star - The station has a flaw!
Death - We'll fight until we've won!
Star - A new Alliance for all!

WEDGE: But wait, it can't be done.
The exhaust port's much too small.
A computer couldn't hit it.
Every Rebel ship will fall.

LUKE: What you say is untrue!
I used to shoot womprats back home.
The Force is our ally and we
fight for Obi-wan.

        HAN enters carrying a case of money.  CHEWBACCA follows.

LUKE: So you've collected your reward.
How can you just go on your way?

HAN: That's right, Kid.  I'm no fool.
There's a debt I have to pay.

BOTH: But maybe our paths will cross in the stars someday.

DODONNA: Gentlement, to your ships,
and let the Force be your guide!

HAN: Hey, Luke, this isn't courage,
it's more like suicide.

ALL: Yes, the battle has begun!
Shake up the spirits of your past!
Oh, we shall fight until we've won.
Our time is here at last!

DODONNA: You must give all you can give
so that the mission will succeed.
Some will fall and some will live.
You'll be honored for this deed.
We fight in the fight that will give us the right to be free!

ALL: Feel the power of the Force!
It is the power of the light.
It is the new day that is dawning
that shall end the endless night.
Feel the power of the Force!
The reign of darkness soon shall end!
There is a hope and light and courage that we defend!

Scene 7

        The Rebel pilots approach the Death Star.

RED LEADER: This is Red Leader, now listen to me!
Lock your S-foils and make your attack!

LUKE: I'm going in!  Watch for those guns!

RED LEADER: Gold 3...Stay on target!

WEDGE: Enemy fighters coming this way!

PORKINS: There is one on my tail! (he dies)

LUKE: Into the trench - don't delay!

RED LEADER: My starboard engine has failed! (he dies)

BIGGS: I'm almost there!  I'm now in range!

LUKE: I'm coming Biggs...pull up! (Biggs dies)

        LUKE and WEDGE are the only fighters left.  OBI-WAN again appears by
        Luke's side.  Again he is bathed in blue light.

BEN: Use the Force
And step along the path of destiny.
Luke, let your feelings go and trust in me.
Luke, you have the Force in you,
now let me tell you what to do:
Use the Force.

LUKE: Obi-wan, is that your voice?
Obi-wan, I need your guidance.

BEN: Use the Force.

DODONNA & LEIA: We must fight on, we have no choice!
Or we'll repeat Alderaan's silence.

R2D2: Use the Force.  You're not alone.

DODONNA & LEIA: Will the Empire win again?

R2D2:  Use the Force.  Time is wasting.

DODONNA & LEIA: Luke, our hope resides in you.

R2D2: Luke, you're very far from home...

DODONNA & LEIA: Luke, you know what you must do.

R2D2: But the Force is everywhere.

TARKIN:  Our great moment's come at last!

VADER: We shall finally crush these foes!

TARKIN: We shall crush this small rebellion!

VADER: We will shoot them from the air!

TARKIN: In one swift and simple stroke!

VADER: They attack, how do they dare?

TARKIN: We shall sweep them all away!

EMPIRE: We triumph now!  Our day is here!

BEN: Use the Force!

VADER: Three fighters broke from the main group.
We'll destroy them ship to ship!
Come with me, let's to our fighters!
Through our defense they won't slip!

BEN: Use the Force!

WEDGE: I can't shake him off!
Luke, he's on my tail!
Luke, if I should die here
then you must not fail!

LUKE: Wedge, I'll be alright!
You get yourself clear!
What good would it do us
if you die here?

REBELS: One day to a new beginning!

EMPIRE: We will crush these Rebel scum!

REBELS: In the stars we fight our wars!

EMPIRE: In the stars we fight our wars!

REBELS: There's a new world for the winning!

EMPIRE: There's a battle to be won!

ALL: Feel the power of the Force!

        HAN and CHEWBACCA rush on-stage.

HAN: My place is here!  I fight with you!

BEN: Use the Force!

VADER: Drop back, I am on the leader.
I will follow where he goes.
Yes, the Force is strong in this one.
There's a power that he shows!

R2D2: Hold on Luke, we've almost won!

BEN: Use the Force!

DODONNA & LEIA: Luke, your computer's off.
Luke, do you know what you're doing?

C3PO: Artoo, hurry back!
I hope you're O.K.
Help our master make it through the judgement day!

VADER: Here's the end of your rebellion
and the light side of the force!
Ah, yes!
The Dark Side is stronger!

BEN: The power is within us all!
It means our victory or our fall!

BEN & VADER: It means our victory or our fall!

        VADER's wing is shot by HAN.

ALL: Our destiny lies at the
mercy of the power of the Force!
Use the Force!  Use the Force!
Use the Force!

        LUKE destroys the Death Star.

        OBI-WAN and VADER both address LUKE.

BEN: Luke, the Force will be with you...

VADER: And this I swear by the Dark Side...

BEN: The sacred power that we share...

VADER: Wherever you may hide away...

BEN: And to the light always be true...

BOTH: I swear to you, I will be there.

Scene 8

        An awards ceremony on the fourth moon of Yavin.
        LUKE, HAN, and CHEWBACCA are receiving medals from Princess Leia.

ALL: Can you see the coming peace
that will be when the fighting's done?
When all men can taste the freedom
when the battle has been won?
For the friends that we have lost,
there is a flame that we will light.
That in our hearts and minds
will burn through the darkest night.
We have struggled for our freedom
from the chains of the Empire.
We have sacrificed our brothers;
we have lit the funeral pyre.
The victory won here will only add fuel to the fire!
Feel the power of the Force!
It is the power of the light.
It is the new day that is dawning
that will end the endless night!
There's a power in us all,
a common spirit that is ours;
It is the truth, the light, the future among the stars!